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Aabhas Senapati

I am Aabhas Senapati, a young social-entrepreneur from Ahmedabad, India with the vision to change the mindset of people, I strive to reform education.

I run a start-up ThingFinder(tag-device to help Alzheimer patients & elderly keep track of their day-to-day objects), which is incubated at GUSEC, and have raised grants for it.

Having participated in 20+ international hackathons and won 7 (3 MIT-Challenges), I have got to expand my network and furnish my skills. And through global communities, I have been able to expand my horizon of perspectives.

I have worked through Social Entrepreneurship and Hardware-Development, to devise solutions towards solving issues of Alzheimer’s, Mental-Health, Data-Bias in Clinical-Research, Emergency Safety, Accessibility of Health-Care & Education.

I have been working as an advisory board member of UNICEF’s Young People’s Action Team, to raise voices of youth in policy advocacy and applying efforts like YoungWarrior Movement at the grass-root level. And it has been great being a bridge between youth and UNICEF.

I also sometimes blog with friends, exchanging views on socio-psychological issues to bring a positive impact. Here on https://beyondbubble.org/

I feel that “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler”. In life, satisfaction is the key, and you can get satisfaction by giving rather than taking, this is what keeps me motivated to improve the world.

I believe creating an impact depends on changing mindsets, best achieved through “true education”. I want to work towards implementing this change I envision. I believe that although the world has many intelligent people, it needs wise people mostly because the attitude and effective implementation matters even more than innovation. Implementation is more important and relevant than knowing. I think that we need to realize that death is the ultimate truth of life and need to embrace the uncertainty, which will help us be much more benevolent and treat everyone better to make it a better place.

I am also one of the 100 RISE Global Winners, who will be supported for a lifetime from education to social initiatives by Schmidt Futures and Rhodes Trust to create impact in their communities.

Rise Portfolio: https://to.aabhass.in/rise

TEDx Talk – https://to.aabhass.in/ted

“Doing what most of us failed to, Master Aabhas Senapati has turned these pandemic ridden 18 months into a process of figuring out how to burst bubbles, see beyond and contribute to humanity as an asset; telling us to peer past the selfishness and how lending aid to even one may spike into a butterfly effect of positivity. Looking over the repetition of setting one goal after the other, he sheds light on the value of finding a true purpose in life by aligning milestones that lead up to it. Through changing mindsets, preaching the necessity of wiseness over intelligence is how his vision comes close to completion.”

Mind Map of TEDx Talk – https://beyondbubble.org/talk

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