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Aabhas Senapati

About Me

I am Aabhas Senapati a student entrepreneur based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat who loves to work and learn about new disruptive hardware and software-based technologies, tinker, and make things using them.

My Journey from an inquisitive Student to an Entrepreneur aiming to solve some of the pressing global problems!

My journey in Tech-based Extra-Curricular work started when I was in class 7. From an early age, I had an inclination towards electronics and other STEM subjects. In January 2017  I attended a workshop(where my team was selected for the final in the TECHNOTHLON event at IITB) in my school that taught us how to make a line follower robot. This ignited my interest in the field as it was the first time I realized how software and hardware are integrated into real-world applications. Also, the fact that’s notable is that it was this time when Jio came into the market and gave access to the internet for free for more than one year, that actually supplemented my inquisitiveness and I was able to find the answers to my questions and learn new about technologies over the internet, so the internet was actually my mentor as I had no one from the background at that time and also earlier internet access was very limited.

In school, I got Scholar’s Trophy in class 8 and also felicitation in Founders Day in two consecutive years for becoming Mindspark Sparkie Champ 5 times and also for Science Projects. I also have got top ranks in olympiads in school like SOF, Asset Talent Scholar, etc, and even cracked PRMO, and was also practicing for IESO & IOI. Currently, I aspire to get into MIT (Electrical Engineering + Philosophy + Entrpreneurship & Innovation). I have given my first attempt of SAT and am targeting for 1500+ in my second attempt I am practicing for to give in May 2021. I am also working on a research project(“Naqaab”) at IIT Gandhinagar that was published in a poster presentation at the UbiComp 2020(ACM Conference). I am part of the Science and Quiz club in my school and have worked a lot on different projects there, I have been in the quiz team in school always and have even won in NSSQ (Team of 2 won INR 30,000), I had always more inclination towards science later more towards Computer Science & Physics. I had made various projects like Triangular Wheels, Newtons Third law experiment, simple robots, Electronics based, and many other projects in the school science club, I was always more in experimenting than theoretical study. I was even sent to IIT Delhi for attending the “Robotics” workshop at “Rendezvous” when I was in class 8. I love debating as well, I explored MUN’s for the first time in lockdown I got a verbal mention the first time when I represented Nitin Gadkari, while the second MUN I got the Best Delegate where I represented Nirmala Sitharaman. I had joined Allen in class 9 as I didn’t use to go for any tuition and had inquisitiveness to learn new stuff there in grade 9 I learned topics from grade 11 & in grade 10 I learned topics of grade 12 which motivated me to prepare for international olympiads as well. , this was a great academic boost and confidence which made me a bit less concerned for studies being a step ahead of others, and got to explore more other than that! I even used to apply for Ignite by NIF although I was never selected, yet that was the spark for innovative thinking at an early age. 

Then there was no limit to my learning although in my house no one is from an engineering background. When I came to know that there is a field like electronics and programming which opened up endless possibilities, then out of my inquisitiveness and curiosity, I started to Google about new microcontrollers, started to learn different programming languages, learn about new sensors and explore emerging fields of Robotics, Electronics, Mechatronics, Computer Vision, NLP, Embedded Systems, FPGAs, Internet of Things, AI, Machine Learning, Web & App Development and whatnot, when I learned a new thing I get to know about another new thing which I don’t know, and this keeps me in the cycle of learning.

During 2017-2018 I mostly made basic projects using different types of devices and software and integrated them, then I started making real-world application projects, like plant watering system, smart-car, home automation, other simple projects. During the end of fall 2018, I came to know that there are many online communities like Hackster.IO and Element14 which is a platform for millions of engineers around who love to make, learn, and tinker.

These communities reward different hardware and software access to people who make projects. As I was very keen to work with new things I also started to participate in community contests, and for my school science exhibition, I started to think of making something that can be used in the real world and serves as helpful things that can be helpful for society. I have also got access to exclusive Hardware from Chicago more than 12 times as a prize for making projects and also for road-testing hardware in a span of a mere 1 year. I made different projects like ThingFinder (It is a tag-based device to help Alzheimer patients and others locate their day to day objects at their fingertips), SmartCycle(Helmet based locking & automatic braking based on speed and distance), Emergency Guidance and Notification System(This was a prototype of the device which using sensors and computer vision identify any emergency situation & guide through Voice Interaction to help us evacuate), Industrial Monitoring(prototype of Bringing IoT to industries), Smart Gardening(A system which identifies diseases in plants and tells which nutrient is required, along with automatic watering of plant-based on its requirements), and many different projects by passion, during my free time I used to just involve in tinkering with such things and make a new project. I also participated in many of the maker events during this time like MakerFest Ahmedabad 2018(local extensions of Maker Faire BA), National Science Congress 2017, Children Innovation Festival, Ignite by National Innovation Foundation, MakerMela, and various other such events.

I have worked with Java, Python, Embedded C, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, For software applications. I have also designed Websites using WordPress and worked on Flutter with Java for Application development. On the hardware end, I have used AVR, Arduino, RaspberryPi, BeagleBone, FPGA(Intel Cyclone), ESP32, and other similar microcontrollers and microprocessors. I have also been working with Bluetooth Low Energy applications along with LoRa and wireless Mesh networking protocols. I have even worked on custom Web Server development and worked on various IoT protocols like MQTT, NodeRed, and Blynk.

In the fall of 2019, I applied for incubation support at GUSEC(it is a startup incubator to support startups with networking, funding, and mentoring) to expand my idea and horizons, thinking it was an incubator for making different projects and I would get to learn more new things. At that time I had no idea about Entrepreneurship, I had just copied my project blog into the application website just like I did for participating in other maker events, luckily I was called for an interview with Rahul Bhagchandani Sir (CEO of GUSEC). I told about my project and I was delighted that I was selected, then after getting incubation I realized the market value of my project and I was encouraged to convert my socially useful project into a real-world product.

After incubation, I got a lot of exposure as I got to connect and learn from the entrepreneurs already in the field and industry. I also got to connect with professors and be part of research projects at IIT Gandhinagar. I even got to connect with companies like IBM & Microsoft with help from the NASSCOM Centre. Now I work on my project to make my dream come true as said by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “Dreams are not those which come while sleeping, dreams are those which don’t let you sleep”. Thus, then I started to work on my projects, out of which presently two are Incubated at GUSEC. During the incubation, I developed a proof of my concept for the idea and I am currently working on the product development aspect.

Last year my work was featured in Ahmedabad Mirror (a local newspaper). I was felicitated by the Head of the State and was also granted INR 2 lakh(about $2650) for the prototype for my Startup product from the Government under SSIP. I was part of the Vibrant Gujrat Startup & Technology Summit as well. I was invited as a speaker at E-SUMMIT, IIT-Bombay in the research & development conclave, in E-Summit I got to connect with a lot of people in the entrepreneurship field and also Venture Capital (some of them were Mumbai Angel Network, 100x VC, etc).

During all this time I got to interact and was appreciated by various eminent people and people in this field, some of the interactions were with  Anurag Thakur (Union MoS Finance ), Mansukh Mandaviya ( Union MoS Shipping), Vijay Rupani ( C.M. of  Gujarat), Bhupendrasinh Chudasama (Education Minister Guj), Pankaj Patel  (Chairman Zydus Group), Satheesh Reddy (Chairman DRDO), Mitch Altman ( Founder, Hackerspaces),  Yasmin Ali Haque (UNICEF all India Head), Kizo Hisamoto (Mayor of Kobe, Japan), B.V. Jagadeesh (Kaaj ventures), Lathika Pai (Microsoft for Startups),  Latha Raj (IBM), Ankit Jain(NASSCOM – IITGn), Himanshu Pandya (V.C. of Gujarat University & GUSEC), Anju Sharma ( Secretary of Higher Education, Gujarat).

I  won in MIT Covid19 Challenge-Beat the Pandemic II Hackathon for developing a solution called GreenJoy which aims to tackle psychological problems like stress, anxiety, PTDS, etc which have also rose due to Covid19. We got prize money of $500, our team is currently working on developing as soon as possible and bringing it into the market soon(Aim of this product GreenJoy is to tackle such mental problems by connecting with nature gamifying the gardening experience ). This experience was very amazing got the opportunity to network with intellectuals from MIT and around the globe. I had been also selected to take part in the MIT Covid19 Challenge India Turning the Tide, HackMIT’20, IvyHacks, MIT GrandHack, MIT Hacking Racism, HckGT, YHack, etc. I also won 2nd prize in IBM Challenge at HackMIT 2020 for developing Guide & Vacuate(A device to help save lives during an emergency by real-time guidance), our team got $750  prize money for the sane. Project ENTCheck had won  $5000 cloud credits Google Covid19 Hackathon fund, in SunHacks by Arizona state university, while also won the Best Hardware Hack & best web-application finalists in Hack@Home by Brown University. My team won $400 in the MIT Hacking Racism in HealthCare challenge(Empower! – A solution to tackling the problem of mistrust and accessibility in BIPOC people for the elimination of Data Bias in Clinical Research and Trials)where we are also part of the MIT Black Tech Matters accelerator program, I took part in YHacks, MIT Hack4Future & some of other MLH hackathons as well. I am in the Organising team for MIT PathFinders by PathCheck & MIT. My work was also featured on UNICEF India’s social media channels on 21st November 2020. I am selected as a delegate to be part of The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference. I was the first runner-up in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, EO-Gujarat, and received a cash prize of INR 50k, and nominated for the GSEA Nationals. I was runner-up in Eureka! Junior, IIT Bombay & 3 of my projects were selected in the Top 200 projects of CIF-2020. I am also selected as a finalist also for the IRIS National Fair as the Top 100 projects (It’s the pathway for the Top 20 projects to represent India at the ISEF). I am also a member of the Gujarat Young People’s Action Team (YPAT) an advisory board by YuWaah(GenU) & UNICEF to advocate the voices of youth around me and contribute to bringing a positive change. Some of the upcoming opportunities I am trying to grab are  MIT Bootcamps, NYAS, RISE, etc also trying to manage by juggling with my Startup work, SAT preparation, School projects, & my various Extra-Curricular activities, some of the Hackathons I took part in 2021 are TreeHacks (Stanford), MIT Blueprint, & MIT Sloan Hack for Inclusion and upcoming HackDartmouth. I am also selected for LaunchX 2021 summer program with a 100% scholarship. I am working for the RISE Challenge, RC Fellowship as well as preparing for SAT 2nd attempt. I was also awarded the GUSEC Student Innovator of the Year Award 2021, and am also proactively taking part in initiatives by YPAT. I am selected as Global Finalist (Top 500) in the RISE Challenge, from which further after FInalist Day(was held on 5th June’21), Global Winners(100) will be announced, and putting my best efforts towards it. 

I like to design more sustainable solutions as today we see so many new solutions being developed but they, in turn, bring up so many new problems, I believe as said by famous scientist Albert Einstein “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler”.

Therefore I want to work for developing sustainable solutions that solve real problems rather than creating more problems because in the race of creating simpler solutions we end up making things more complicated. My other interests include learning more about Indian Mythology and practicing Spirituality. I am also fond of playing games like Football and Cricket which involve teamwork. I love connecting with people on LinkedIn. I also used to help in mentoring students towards their goals at MillenialMentor.

I has been working as an advisory board member of UNICEF’s Young People’s Action Team, to raise voices of youth in policy advocacy and applying efforts like YoungWarrior Movement at grassroot level. With the YPAT at various levels trying to remotely do our best to reach out and create impact in most possible lives. UNICEF and YuWaah serve as great platform to amplify our voice among youth and also amongst the other stakeholders and policymakers, thus bridging the much essential gap.


 In recent months I have been part of RISE Global Community very proactively, and I feel really grateful to have have very good lifelong supportive friends, from all around the world, and being an ENFJ-A, I am very extroverted and love talking to people making new friends and learning new things from them, which has helped me expand my horizon of perspectives towards the world and people.

only for my reference 😜

With Aryan and Vimarsh, I (ie the OG Moh Mayans and Beyond Bubble group 🤭😜) have written blogs some blogs about our takes towards these social issues, and I am grateful that it reached to people and I have been able to create impact in people’s Mindset and received critical feedback as well. We three have recently also been selected for MIT SolvED Micro grant of $300, to carry out research and understanding the true problems in education, as we submitted our proposals.












My motto “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler”.(Satisfaction is the key, and you can get satisfaction by giving rather than taking) keeps me motivated to improve the world.

I believe creating an impact depends on changing mindsets, best achieved through “true education”. I want to dedicate my life to implementing the change that I envision. I believe in what my geography teacher used to say that although the world has many intelligent people, it needs wise people most, because intention, and effective action for implementation matters even more than knowledge &  innovation.  I think that we need to realise that death is the ultimate truth of life and need to embrace the uncertainty, which will help us be much more benevolent and treat everyone better to make it a better place.

My aim 🎯 is to bring change in minds of people around the globe🌍 and contribute to make Earth a better place to live in for all creatures!

Really Inspired by former President of India Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam seeing his great contribution and vision still leading a life with values of humility, wisdom, resilience, hard work, risk-taking, simplicity, and much more, trying to imbibe these values in my life.

(Simple Living, High Thinking)

“Aspire to Inspire before you Expire”🤔

Research Publication – https://doi.org/10.1145/3410530.3414403

Newspaper Article – https://to.aabhas.in/toi

UNICEF work – https://to.aabhass.in/unicef

Connect with me on LinkedIn https://to.aabhass.in/linkedin

My work can be found on http://to.aabhass.in/abt

RISE Challenge – https://to.aabhass.in/rise

Some of my answers(maybe funny) to the essay prompts are here –

RISE Presentation :





RC Fellowship :


LaunchX :


College Apps:


Some more links only for my reference :

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Emergency Guidance and Notification System

It’s a device which is aimed to help people at the time of any emergency situation like Fire, Earthquake, etc in any of the residential or industrial places. Thus it’s a device that can replace all the existing emergency notification systems. This device on detection of any kind of emergency from fire to gas leakage anything it initially triggers a speaker attached in all rooms of the place where it notifies through the speaker about what’s the situation and where has it occurred but what’s the problem is that in such situations human nature is to get panicked and this leads to taking up wrong steps, thus it’s a which on detection of such an emergency would start interacting with voice with the people and get to know about the situation and guide in real-time from evacuating in the situation to tackling the situation and preventing any loss of life and property. This device runs completely of the edge(without internet) using NLP and CV to guide the people in real-time by guiding them with evacuation routes and how to stop further damage (like putting off the fire), etc thus it would help people to save their lives and others in such a situation. This device also provides automatic switching of required devices at the time of emergency like if fire the turning off the electrical appliances and turning on the water pumps to put off the fire. Along with it it also immediately sends a notification to the owner of the place and also send the data to the nearest help location and using this they can get all data at one place, like all camera and voice data(along with evacuation routes) given to fire station so that they can get to know who is stuck where and easily evacuate the people stuck, at time of emergency if many people are present at a different place in the building (suppose) then every person can use their phone to connect with the device and it would guide them through their phone by interacting from voice, contact with emergency services and importantly showing all possible evacuation routes on their phones. 

Thing Finder

It’s a tag-based device to be used by people suffering from Alzheimer’s to locate their day to day possessions at their fingertips. This tag is to be attached on every day to day objects and a node in every room now if the person has forgotten that where he/she has kept spectacles, that with using this device they can easily find it by either triggering it from any of the voice assistants which would tell them that in which room does the device lie and also ring the buzzer in the tag, the user can also open up the app so that they can also navigate that where and which part of the room does the object lie (also whether they are approaching it or not)and hear the buzzer as well thus they can accurately locate their possessions without scratching their heads while searching for their misplaced things. This can be very helpful to Alzheimer’s patients in the initial stages and the globally rising number of Alzheimer’s is increasing drastically thus it could be very helpful to such people. It’s supposed to be very low cost so that people can use it on more devices and this device also prevents from forgetting things at any place as it reminds and rings the buzzer if you exit a place outside the house without taking the object, thus prevents us from losing our possessions at unexpected places. The complete working Proof of Concept of the product is ready and presently I am working on its further development to reduce its form factor, power optimization.

Green Joy

The purpose of which is to encourage people to engage in gardening and develop a sense of purpose and positivity in them by reconnecting them with nature. It is a sensor-based kit that gathers data related to a plant and provides the gardener with information about nutrients that the plant lacks along with reminders to water the plant, which will have a reward-based system. The more you take care of the plant, the higher you go in the points system. One can also scan the plant for diseases, and what household material could be used as compost to provide for the missing nutrients. This engages the person in a more fruitful activity, thereby elevating their mood.



We are a group of High School Students wanting to help small children in our City: Ahmedabad in India to make them learn new skills and be self-sufficient.

 Vimarsh Shah, Aryan Tiwari  & I are working to teach and empower underprivileged children real-life skills so they don’t need to sell those “cheap goods”, rather they can make their own products like toys, artifacts, etc and sell them to be self-sufficient.(Due to pandemic we have not been implement this work, but we are planning to work out on this!).







Engineering: Embedded Systems, Electronics, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Mechatronics, Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensor Technology, Actuator Control, Wireless Device.

Computer Languages: Embedded C, Java, Python, HTML, MATLAB

Internet of Things: Blynk, Local Web Server, Google Cloud Platform APIs, AutoML

Hardware Electronics: AVR, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone AI, FPGA(IntelCyclone), ESP32, Nordic BLE, Matrix Creator. 

Web Designing: WordPress

App Development: MIT App Inventor, Flutter, Firebase

Miscellaneous -Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Research, Networking, Public Speaking, Co-Working, Maker, Spirituality, Philosophy, Mythology, and Learner .



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