Category: Projects

Aabhas Senapati

Smart Security Camera

Smart Security Camera (with attendance on Google Sheets) Summary The AIM of the project is to make a smart camera that can monitor your house, office, etc and give you valuable data like keeping track of who is on the door, at when did any person arrive, click photographs on unknown people and only open…
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Thing Finder

THING FINDER SUMMARY This project is aimed to build a tag for making “Finding Things Easier” and being able to locate misplaced things easily , so this device would enable to find our thing by triggering the buzzer over google assistant or local server and it even gives probability region of the thing making our…
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Smart Cycle

                            Smart Cycle Summary–This is our idea and work on smart cycle. In today‚Äôs world everything is being revolutionised and technological advancements are made everyday to day objects smarter so why not our cycles? Cyclists and motorists are the most likely to be…
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