Thing Finder

Tired of scratching up your head for finding your day to day objects at time of need!
Thinking for some solution to this everyday problem ?

You are at the right place! 

Now no more facing such problem with Thing Finder solving this at your fingertips

Our AIM is to help Alzheimer patients and Senior Citizens who face this problem at every single moment

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It is a very small tag based device which can be easily attached to your day to day objects like spectacles, id card , etc.


It lets you find the misplaced things guiding you to the exact location of the object in your house, it also prevents you to forget your possesion anywhere outside, and also has community finding.


It’s the most cheapest product which provides best asset tracking features , in contrary to the existing solutions which are more expensive than the things to be used with.

Thing Finder & It’s features

Thing Finder is different from all of the existing asset tracking device as this lets them find their possession with no range restriction while others have limited range to 250 feet or less. Existing solutions just show estimated range and trigger buzzer but Thing Finder lets you know its exact location in the house along with showing that you are approaching it or not,in which part of house it lies and ringing the buzzer as well. It provides features like not letting you forget your things,community based locating,LoRa and mesh based to let you find it anywhere in city.Existing devices are expensive than items to be attached so Thing Finder is best smarter and cost effective alternative to all existing solutions.


Thing Finder supports and works  on both 

Bluetooth and Wifi to trigger buzzer and know it’s location.


It’s power consumption is very low and lasts for years(Cell is replacable),and is small enough to be used with most things.


It uses LoRa & Mesh Networking to offer range spanning entire city and accurately tells exact location in house.


It’s UI is compatible with most mobile platforms & web based UI for PC,can be triggered with Google Assistant ,Alexa,etc.

What we offer!

For Customers

The Thing Finder device can be directly purchased by the customers along with a yearly subscription for the app.

For Buisnesses

The consumer electronic comapnies can use modified Thing Finder built-in with seperate power in their devices with support of our app.

What we offer and about product

first photo – before thing finder , old woman searching for things madly

second photo -thing finder the ultimate solution

third photo – old woman sitting and finding her things using thing finder

Vision and Inspiration 

Our Vision

There are more than 50 million Alzheimer patients worldwide and there no is treatment for it , we are therefore working to solve a problem that they face everyday of not bieng able to get their things when required .

Our Inspiration

To end the day to day problem of Alzheimer patients , senior citizens and even many of us.Thus we aim to design cost effective and best asset tracking solution for everyone and make it easily affordable .

Our Achievements & our Journey

We have been working on Thing finder since 2018 , and startup is currently incubated at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) , we have also received grants from Government of Gujarat to work on our product . We have also been represented at several Enrtrepreneurship events like E-Summit, IIT Bombay , Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Entrepreneurship Summit , etc

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