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Aabhas Senapati

Beyond Bubble Blogs(Looking Beyond!)

by Vimarsh, Aryan & Aabhas Mindset is a funny thing. With 8 Billion people roaming the planet, a substantial portion doesn’t think for themselves and merely follows. From topics like corruption, bureaucracy, education and the like – we set forth to pen down our observations, thoughts, opinions and possible solutions. We aspire to break obsolete…
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RISE Challenge

I am attaching the links to videos I made through the RISE Challenge, pitch deck and some background research content Published Portfolio (Hello World) – Engage – Investigate – Act – – –

Thing Finder

THING FINDER SUMMARY This project is aimed to build a tag for making “Finding Things Easier” and being able to locate misplaced things easily , so this device would enable to find our thing by triggering the buzzer over google assistant or local server and it even gives probability region of the thing making our…
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One of GUSEC’s youngest wins big at MIT COVID-19 Challenge SRISHTI PANDEY ON JUNE 26, 2020 Four months ago, if someone told me that I could go to a bank wearing a mask and not rouse any suspicions, I would certainly have laughed in their face. Today, it has become the norm of the day. While…
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About Me

I am Aabhas Senapati a student(Grade 12) entrepreneur based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat who loves to work and learn about new disruptive hardware and software-based technologies, tinker, and make things using them. My Journey from an inquisitive Student to an Entrepreneur aiming to solve some of the pressing global problems! My journey in Tech-based Extra-Curricular work…
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